Fill and Fire™ Privacy Policy

Effective January 7th, 2019

Fill and Fire is a web based application (“Fill and Fire” or “the Application”)  accessible via internet-enabled devices, and is owned by Stable Horizons LLC (“Stable Horizons LLC”, “We”,”Us”).  This policy (the “Privacy Policy”) describes the extent of our commitment to your privacy.

We have no intention of using your data or allowing any organizations to access your data in a manner that is inconsistent with the philosophy that you should have ultimate control over your digital footprint. We hope to make improvements to this Privacy Policy as We grow and learn how best to serve our partners, players, and our other direct and indirect customers.

The Application collects user inputted data and, through the Stripe platform, user credit card information.  We do not store user credit card information. The Stripe platform privacy policy can be found here:

Fill and Fire collects data about dates and times that users intend to schedule or attend events.  This data is utilized exclusively to improve the relationship between users and event hosts.  We perform analytics on this data for this purpose and its collection and analytics are both necessary to support and execute the primary purpose of the Application.  The Application utilizes certain functionality via certain third parties such as Amazon, Google, and others who may see your email address or non-financial data you input.  However, We do not sell or share your data to or with third party marketers.

Fill and Fire uses the email address and phone number associated with your account to send notifications about event reservations on behalf of storefronts. However, we do not share this contact information with storefronts, all messages are instead sent via the Application.

No third parties besides storefronts are currently connected to the Application and We do not plan to share this data with other parties.  We will not sell user data collected in the Application to any third party.

Users may request their email addresses and any other information that is directly identifiable to them be deleted at any time.  

If you are a regular user of the Application, We will use your email address to alert you to changes in this policy.  If you have a privacy or digital footprint concern, please contact us at

*Fill and Fire™ is © 2018-2024 Stable Horizons, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Product and company names are registered trademarks of their original owners. *

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