Fill and Fire™ for Shopkeepers

Fill and Fire™ is event management software tailored for nerdy gaming that allows your store to list events, facilitate player sign-up, and monitor event status for all your gaming events, including Magic: The Gathering ™. Show the state of events at your store for players, staff, and friends in a live schedule! Let players register and pay in advance and share sign-up progress and expected attendance!

Fill and Fire™ Functionality and Benefits

  • Create a store-specific “event wall” for players to reference.

  • Send event updates to players attending specific events.

  • Allow in-advance registration and payment, ensuring attendance and streamlining event flow. Events can also be created without requiring payment to allow for processing payment in-house in cases where it’s easier.

  • Streamline registration/sign-in to be more efficient and require less oversight, including waitlists and attendee lists!

  • Show, in real time, event attendance state to players and stores.

  • Create repeatable events to cover your store’s regular event schedule –post an event once and allow it to repeat until a given date.

  • Use On-Demand Event options to launch multiple identical instances of an event as registration fills over a period of time.

  • Create Flash Events, potential events used to gauge interest and generate space usage during open hours.

  • Manage Magic: The Gathering™ prerelease registration and payment.

  • Launch more events and fill more seats.

  • Prevent over-and under-booked events.

We believe both stores and players should have access to an easily posted, understood, and interactive schedule. That solution has arrived! We facilitate both store and community needs around event registration outcomes. Try Fill and Fire™ free for 90 days, and once your trial period ends, get unlimited use for $60 a month.

Email for more details and to start your free trial!

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